Brake Repair

brake repair

If you’re in need of brake service, be sure to visit Accurate Auto in the Beaverton, OR area. Our experienced technicians know about almost every make and model’s braking system so you can be sure you’re getting the best, most accurate service possible. Your brakes are one of the most important elements in your vehicle since they keep you safe and protect the safety of your passengers and other drivers on the road. A regular brake inspection is recommended to be sure that your fluid levels look good and that all parts are still in excellent working order. At Accurate Auto, we will never exceed your estimate without getting your approval, and we’ll never offer any services you don’t really need.

Our technicians work on Lexus, Nissan, and all other major car and truck manufacturers to get you safely back on the road. We offer a thorough inspection of your braking system and will look closely at all components include the rotors, cylinders, hoses, calipers, brake fluid levels, and brake pads. If anything looks worn, we’ll make recommendations to get it replaced or possibly repaired. Each part of your braking system relies on a series of components that need to be in good working order at all times. We will also look for any signs of brake fluid leaks and refill your fluid to the optimum level. Our number one goal is your satisfaction and safety.

Brake Red Flags

When you drive, your vehicle may present you with some serious red flags if there’s an issue with your brakes. Be on the lookout for these symptoms when driving and braking:

  • A squealing or screeching sound when you brake is an indication that your brake pads are degenerated and need to be restored or replaced.
  • If you feel like you’re constantly pushing down on the brakes or having to “ride” the brake, you are experiencing brake fading.
  • If you notice a leak, it could be a potential brake fluid leak which should be addressed as soon as possible.
  • For many drivers, normal wear and tear results in the need for repair or replacement of certain components.
  • If your brakes feel strange whenever you push down on the pedal, it’s a sign that there is a problem. If the brakes feel “spongy,” bring your vehicle in for a brake inspection right away.

For all your automotive service and repair needs, visit Accurate Auto in Beaverton, OR and give us a call at 503-773-5334 today to schedule an appointment.

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